ACTS Teens, is a follow-up programme which provides additional encouragement to those teenagers who wish to take up the Christian way.

Frequently Asked Questions about ACTS Teens.

ACTS Teens is held on Fridays between 7pm and 9pm at Gattard House in Blata l-Bajda.

It is the same place where Youth Fellowship is held on Saturdays.

ACTS Teens is open to all 13 to 16-year-olds and serves as a follow-up programme for students who take part in the sessions held in schools by the ACTS team.

ACTS Teens is intended to provide a safe and welcoming environment for teenagers, where they can find encouragement and support in their personal journey as young Christians. This is done through various activities such as discussions, group work, talks, video presentations, music, prayer and informal time of being together.

At ACTS Teens we try to effectively address some of the most pertinent questions teenagers ask and issues they face on a daily basis. Titles of previous meetings include:

Facing your fears – 3 steps to become less anxious

  • Do all religions lead to God?
  • 4 steps to make good decisions
  • Does science contradict faith?
  • Setting your priorities straight
  • Why is there suffering in the world?
  • Prayer: learning how to breath
  • Facing failure: how to respond when things go wrong

There are three main events held during major holiday periods on days other than Fridays – a Christmas party, an Easter event and a Summer Camp in September. Please check our Facebook page for the exact dates.

Check our Facebook page for upcoming Friday meetings and we’ll be very glad to welcome you on any Friday you decide to attend at our venue in Blata l-Bajda at 7pm.

No. ACTS Teens meetings are free of charge. A fixed donation, however, applies to events like the Summer Camp.

A team of young, energetic people pray, plan and implement what happens every Friday at ACTS Teens. All members of this team are members of Youth Fellowship and/or the Cenacolo Community.

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