The ACTS Project

ACTS is a Catholic school outreach project which exists to help students in the upper forms of the  secondary schools in Malta discover and appreciate the relevance of cultivating a sincere spiritual life in today’s society. Our programme also helps them recognise the importance of good moral values for their journey in life.

“Amazing how all our students were involved…meaningful, flowing, interestingly presented and relevant.”

How Do We Attain our Mission?

Every year a team of committed christian youth is recruited and equipped to share their faith and testimony with the students they reach out to.  This is done through the very effective ACTS Outreach Programme, tailor-made to capture students’ attention whilst conveying the unchanging message of the Gospel. For those who show further interest, the weekly ACTS Teens meetings provides them with a means of further growth within the context of a vibrant youth community.

Why the Name 'ACTS'?

Launched by Youth Fellowship in 2001, ACTS is an acronym for “Announcing Christ to Schools” which encapsulates our mission. The name also refers to the New Testament book of Acts since the aim was to model the outreach methods employed by first Christian communities who took the message to where then people were.