The ACTS outreach programme is tailor-made to capture students’ attention and concurrently very effective in conveying an undiluted message.

Frequently Asked Questions about the ACTS School Sessions

The ACTS programme is aimed at students in Form 4 (Grade 11) in all state, Church and independent secondary schools in Malta and Gozo.

Since the programme is presented in a language which appeals to students, the feedback has always been that they found it to be an enjoyable experience. It provokes them to think about life issue on the basis of both faith and reason. At the same time, it also serve as an opportunity for them to somehow re-connect to God.

Since its inception in 2001 the ACTS programme was very well received by students and teachers alike. Whilst for some it would be a challenging, thought-provoking session, for others it would translate into a life-changing experience.

Many teenagers are asking questions of purpose and meaning in life. The ACTS programme tries to answer some of the most relevant questions raised by students, through a Christian perspective.

The ACTS sessions encourage participation from the students, through their involvement in discussions, fun activities and hands-on group work. Students are also invited to join in prayer at the end of the sessions.

The ACTS programme is designed to help students relate to some of the topics covered in the syllabus. This is done especially through the sharing of personal testimonies by the ACTS team members

Currently, ACTS is presenting “Take One” seminar at our premises at Gattard House in Blata l-Bajda.

“Take One” seminar is held during school days between 10 am and 1pm. Book your day with us by giving us a call on 21241010 or kindly fill in the form hereunder.

The ACTS seminar is jam-packed with fun, thought-provoking and prayerful activities. Each session includes a fun activity to break the ice with students, video presentations to start off discussion and to present ideas in a creative way, a hands-on small group activity, sharing of real-life stories from the ACTS members and moments of prayer and reflection.

ACTS caters for all the audio-visual equipment that is needed for any outreach session.

We will be offering students tips and ideas how they could continue the journey that was started during the session. They will also be invited to ACTS Teens which is the follow-up programme for students. ACTS Teens is held on Fridays between 7 and 9 in the evening at Gattard House, Blata l-Bajda.

The ACTS team members will be taking care of all the details required for a successful session with students. However, the school staff is still expected to take the overall responsibility of the students.

No. However, donations are accepted, given the amount of expenses incurred in making the ACTS project possible and that we are a not-for-profit-making organisation. A €2 contribution per student for a session held at our premises is recommended.

We can take provisional bookings before the summer holidays. Nonetheless bookings will be confirmed at the start of the following scholastic year.

No. Though ACTS is a Catholic outreach programme, it is part of our mission to share with all the students the difference the love of personal God has had on us.


Give us a call on 21241010 during office hours or fill in the form underneath. We’ll be glad to find a date suitable for your school.

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